Industry 4.0

The industry is in transition

Digital services are becoming more and more important: The real product surrounds a “digital layer” which will be decisive for the success and failure of companies in the future. Consistent data is the key to optimizing value creation in Industry 4.0. The continuing trend away from the product and towards solutions is closely linked to digitization strategies.

  • Communication of digital added value becomes more important
  • Previously simple products are integrated into abstract added values that are initially difficult to understand – but which are decisive for potential customers
  • Internal change management of the companies is necessary, training of the employees, especially in sales
  • The topics are understood at the top level, but are penetrating (too) slowly into the mainstream of corporate cultures. The cultural change in companies also requires internal measures

At the same time, many companies that are also active in B2B are on the way to become brands, which can be observed at the Hannover Messe. The number of design-oriented trade fair stands is increasing – possibly also due to a generational change in management, but probably primarily due to the realization that products and services in the B2B sector can no longer be represented by exhibiting their features alone – which is not so easy to do with digital added value.

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