Smart Engineering and Production 4.0

Working together in industry 4.0

Under the heading “Smart Engineering and Production 4.0”, the companies EPLAN, Rittal and Phoenix Contact – the three leading solution providers in switchgear and control system construction – invited us to develop and implement a joint concept stand for them at the Hanover Industrial Trade Fair. The focus was on the idea of showing how the three companies develop digital strategies for the entire value chain hand in hand.

Understanding Industry 4.0

At the future-oriented stand, everything revolves around the virtual prototype of a control cabinet, which effectively shows its effect in 3D from a distance. It controls the entire creation of a product – a continuous data flow from the digital individual component to the real control cabinet. Tensioned ropes in shades of red and green, which run like rays through the room and the large-format screens, symbolize this data stream. Our media tour with large, didactically prepared animations allows visitors to experience from station to station how the digital data is guided through standardized interfaces in the planning and production processes.

The Tour

In close cooperation with our three clients, we developed the storyline for the trade fair presentation and were able to demonstrate convincingly how industry 4.0 concepts can already be implemented in reality.
The story starts with the digital article. Equipped with a comprehensive digital description, it is made available online as a standardised and classified file via various portals.
In engineering, the digital articles are transferred to intelligent engineering software and built into a virtual prototype.
In production, data from the virtual prototype flows purposefully into the machine control system. Manual activities are also supported digitally, making them easier and safer.
Intelligent machines automatically recognize which tasks they take on and which data from the virtual prototype they can use for this purpose. Digital control systems take over the controlling and monitoring of the processes.
We have succeeded in vividly communicating the innovative concepts of the three partner companies with their high level of complexity. The interest was great and there was positive feedback: For some, it was the first time that it was possible to understand what industry 4.0 really stands for.


Conception and scenography

  • Stand concept
  • Storyline
  • Media exhibits
  • Interaction concept
  • Content development

Design and planning

  • Stand design
  • Exhibit design
  • Interface design
  • Production of animations

Project management and implementation

  • Project management
  • Production supervision
  • Cost management

Project information

  • Client: Rittal GmbH & Co. KG, EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. KG, PHOENIX CONTACT Deutschland GmbH
  • Place: Hannover Messe Industrie
  • Execution period: 2015
  • Exhibition area: ca. 220 sqm


Contact person

Jelena Blank

Head of Interaction