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Interactivity and participation to inspire visitors

To inspire visitors with enthusiasm for nature and awaken their natural spirit of discovery – these are our goals when developing exhibitions for natural history museums, zoos, aquariums and visitor centres. Natural history museums mostly convey scientific knowledge about their collections. But today, visitors are increasingly looking for an active experience – also in museums.

A museum about the future of the planet

Our exhibitions are spaces of opportunity in which visitors can discover and explore the connections to collection objects for themselves. For this purpose we use, among other things, open experimentation with collection objects, Citizen Science exhibits or interactive experimental fields on natural science topics. The Museum of Natural History of the Future will become a central location of a participatory knowledge society: the future of Planet Earth will be negotiated there. Read more about the idea of the Natural Future Museum in the article: Garthe, C. (2018): The Natural Futures Museums – Interactivity and Participation in Museums of Natural History. In: Dorfman, E.: The Future of the National History Museum, Routledge.

Visitor centres that promote a direct experience of nature

Today, an attractive visitor centre is part of every major German nature reserve. However, exhibitions of this kind often “recreate” nature and try to “bring nature into the house”. But nature is outside – not inside the house! Isn’t it the aim of the exhibitions to motivate visitors to discover nature themselves? We are developing visitor centres which, as attractive places of experience, implement the educational mission of the protected areas and take new paths beyond the mainstream.

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Dr. Christopher Garthe


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