Klimahaus Bremerhaven


When the weather goes crazy

Heat waves, floods, storms and heavy rains… Extreme weather conditions are increasing worldwide. In contrast to average global temperatures, they allow us to feel climate change up close and personal. In addition to its famous journey on 8°34′ East, the Klimahaus Bremerhaven is planning an equal exhibition attraction that focuses on weather extremes. We won the competition and are allowed to design the new exhibition: In a unique staging, visitors will experience extreme weather phenomena over three floors.

NOAA Weather in Focus Photo Contest 2015
Dorothée Taverne: Orage vu de nuit
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio: NASA's GEOS-5 Model Run Showing Hurricane Katrina

A ride through all weathers

In the new exhibition WETTEREXTREME a simulator platform takes visitors on a poetic adventure. The ride takes the traveller through floods, droughts and storms high above the clouds. A scenery made of stage design, film, movement, sound and effects lets them experience the weather extremes with all their senses. The platform not only moves at its own angle of inclination, but at the same time from below through an opening in the intermediate floor upwards into the exhibition.

Still weather or already climate?

The emotional ride is framed by two exhibition areas: Whereas the lower level focuses on observing the weather, the upper level focuses on taking action. In the extreme weather studio, for example, the exhibits focus on the phenomena themselves, how extremes occur, and why they are becoming increasingly frequent due to global warming. At the top, however, the weather has already left its mark. How can we act? Here the visitors meet people who have to do with these weather conditions and try to prevent future catastrophes. Their actions will inspire you!


Conception and scenography

  • Development of dramaturgy and main idea
  • Content development and exhibition conception
  • Media conception and storyboarding
  • Development of interactive exhibits

Design and planning

  • Exhibition design and planning
  • Development of a Corporate Identity
  • Graphic design and guidance systems
  • Exhibits and furniture

Project management and implementation

  • Project management
  • Production supervision and cost management

Project information

Client: Bremerhavener Entwicklungsgesellschaft Alter/Neuer Hafen mbH & Co. KG

Execution period: since 06/2019

Exhibition area: 1100 sqm

Contact person

Astrid Dreßel

Project Management