Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum

A combination of aquarium and natural history museum

After a comprehensive redesign, the Düsseldorf Aquazoo and the Löbbecke Museum shine in new splendour.

Here, visitors can get to the bottom of the evolution of life in an impressive combination of live animal keeping and natural history exhibits: contemporary, interactive and of educational value.


Wave-shaped furniture and high-quality wall elements run through the entire exhibition as a band, allowing visitors to literally flow through the exhibition. According to the storyline, the colours change from blue to green to brown. Aquariums, terrariums and natural history objects are embedded in the wall elements and clearly arranged by content. Round elements in the middle of the bays illustrate the respective central question.

The cycle of evolution

What causes animal species to change their habitat? And what adjustment measures need to be taken? We have combined the three main habitats of salt water, fresh water and land to form a continuously staged tour of evolution. The exhibition traces how life moved from salt water to fresh water, how animals went ashore from fresh water, and finally how there were species that migrated back from land to water. The focus of our storyline lies on the transitions that were so crucial for their evolution.

Our animated experts: Fred and Löbbecke

Theodor Löbbecke, pioneer in nature research and eponym of the Aquazoo, and Fred, the little mudjumper, accompany the visitors through the tour. We have designed them for our animated films in such a way that each of them is an ”expert” in his own way – one is cute, lively, the other a bit odd, knowing, and together they are entertaining. Starting out as an introduction to a new habitat, Löbbecke explains evolution as a scientist. Fred, on the other hand, considers everything from a practical point of view: as an amphibian he can live in salt water, fresh water and on land. Reduced to the essentials, this provides an introduction to complex facts and can be experienced in combination with interactive exhibits.

Oops, who are you? - I am Fred the mudjumper!
And what are you doing here? - Theodor Löbbecke my name, pharmacist and natural scientist with passion.


Project development

  • Conceptual study

Conception and scenography

  • Development of dramaturgy and main idea
  • Content development and exhibition conception
  • Media conception and storyboarding
  • Development of interactive exhibits

Design and planning

  • Interior design
  • Exhibition design and planning in all project phases
  • Graphic design and guidance systems
  • Exhibit design

Project information

  • Client: Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf
  • Opening: September 2017
  • Exhibition area: ca. 2.500 sqm

Contact person

Claudia Baulesch

Project Management and Head of Scenography