Zeitwerk Limburg

Limburg in the flow of time

Based on the city motto – Limburg in the flow of time – the idea was born to create a science house as a “Zeitwerk” (clockwork). The leitmotif “Time” creates a bridge between city identity and mechanical themes. On the other hand, an impressive central exhibit is created by means of an oversized mechanical timepiece extending over two floors.

Zeitwerk and the time of the Limburgers

Interactive exhibits allow visitors to receive, record, use and invest time. As citizens of the city, they can also take part in building the clockwork – and also get involved socially, pass on knowledge or create something lasting.

The Zeitwerk needs your time!
Save time. And use it sensibly.
Hear the heartbeat of the time donors in the exhibition. How much time do we have on the account?
And what do we do this time?

Zeitwerk creates space

The development of the Zeitwerk is conceived as an open platform that invites participation in accordance with the participatory concept. The central exhibit “Zeitwerk” itself provides a framework that can be reconfigured for new interpretations and is thus also a stage for the commitment of the Limburgers.


Project development

  • Visitor prognosis and profitability analysis
  • Operational concept
  • Calculation of costs
  • Project Management

Conception and scenography

  • Positioning and thematization
  • Development of visit dramaturgy and Main Idea
  • Content development and exhibition concept
  • Development of interactive exhibits

Design and planning

  • Exhibition design and planning (draft planning)
  • Graphics and guidance systems
  • Exhibits and furniture

Project information

  • Client: Stadt Limburg
  • Execution period: 12/2012 – 03/2014
  • Exhibition area: 1.200 sqm

Contact person

Bernhard Kehrer

Executive Management