Science House Ober-Ramstadt

Interactive exhibition about colours and light

In Ober-Ramstadt, the city of colours, a new quarter is being developed on MIAG’s former industrial site. In addition to residential and commercial buildings, the creation of a Science House in the listed ” Hundert-Meter-Halle ” is also planned.

Science becomes visible

In a concept and feasibility study, the possibilities of realization are examined. The Science House is intended to be both an extracurricular place of learning and a visitor attraction and, with its exhibition focus on colours and light, to bring the region’s themes to life.

From colour to light

Visitors discover their personal relationship to colour, become creative themselves, explore the connections between light and colour and embark on a journey to the origin of light.

On the trail of the laws of physics.
How does colour become light?
What are my colours? The check in the colour scanner.
Heat becomes visible.


Project development

  • Concept and feasibility study
  • Analysis of economic efficiency
  • Visit forecast
  • Marketing and PR
  • Overview of funding opportunities
  • Proposals for sponsor acquisition
  • Moderation of development and decision-making processes

Conception and scenography

  • Positioning and thematization
  • Development of visit dramaturgy and Main Idea
  • Content development and exhibition concept
  • Media conception and storyboarding
  • Development of interactive exhibits

Design and planning

  • Architecture
  • Exhibition design

Project information

  • Client: Stadt Ober-Ramstadt
  • Execution period: 03/2012 – 07/2012
  • Exhibition area planned: approx. 1.500 sqm

Contact person

Nina Sperling