Course of knowledge in the Strecktal valley

Flying Knowledge - Expanding the Dynamikum

Flying like a bird. Or like a Frisbee? Right next to the Science Center Dynamikum in Pirmasens, we have created an additional attraction in the nearby Strecktal Park. Visitors use frisbees to play on a knowledge trail that picks up on the theme of movement in the interactive exhibition and continues outdoor under the motto of flying: both sporty and with physical experiments.

DiscGolf and Aerodynamics

DiscGolf is an outdoor trend sport in which balls are not hit into holes, but frisbees are thrown into metal catch baskets. Along the DiscGolf courses, we have designed various interactive outdoor flying exhibits in twelve locations. Explanations of the experiments can be found on exhibit boards. Of course there is also the possibility to simply play DiscGolf. The theme “Flying and letting fly” thus ties in with the experiments on moving and self-moving in the Dynamikum and creates a connection between inside and outside.

Thematic outdoor exhibits and Dynamikum DiscGolf

In a further design, we have connected individual stations where physical experiments can be carried out with the disc. Thus the theme of movement can also be experienced outside as a science playground for young and old.

Nature that flies - Technology that flies

The fascinating subject of flying is tested in all its facets and the Frisbee disc itself is always the focus of attention as a visual object. Visitors can also experience the laws of flying for themselves.


Project development

  • Concept studie

Conception and scenography

  • Positioning
  • Graphics and guidance systems
  • Media conception and storyboarding
  • Development of interactive exhibits

Design and planning

  • Exhibit design
  • Planning in all project phases

Project information

  • Client: Stadt Pirmasens
  • Execution period: 09/2010 – 06/2012
  • Length of parcours: 1,6 km
  • Number of stations: 12

Contact person

Bernhard Kehrer

Executive Management