International Nature Exhibition

International Nature Exhibition - a new event format

Most people are familiar with the International Building Exhibition IBA or the International Garden Exhibition IGA as major events. A new event format, the International Natural Exhibition, or for short I.N.A. (Internationale Naturausstellung), was to be developed. We have prepared a concept study for this. The I.N.A. promotes natural development processes and shows impressive natural phenomena. For the rural areas in which it takes place, it offers an opportunity to strengthen regional development.

Experience nature and learn from it

A nature exhibition on a former military training area in Brandenburg: for over a decade nature lay fallow here and a biological diversity could unfold undisturbed. The aim of the I.N.A Lieberoser Heide was to preserve this diversity and wilderness and make it possible for visitors to experience it in a sensual way using new means of communication. As a guiding theme we have chosen processes of change that shape the place and nature. The exhibition is based on the principles of Education for Sustainable Development (Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung).

Emotional, individual and action-oriented

How high do I jump, how good is my sense of smell and can I howl like a wolf? At the beginning the visitors compete with interactive exhibits with different animals and find their own personal animal. Together with this animal they go on a discovery tour, be it in the air, under the earth or on the ground. The new perspective sharpens perception and draws attention to details. In addition, visitors will receive information and images on the transformation of places as augmented reality on their smartphones. Finally, visitors experience how humans influence the habitats of animals. Via an individual newsletter they can stay in contact with ‘their animal’ at home.

At eye level with ground life: Magnifying glasses and microscopes provide precise insights.
From a bird's eye view:
Particularly courageous people experience the vastness of the terrain from the net of a captive balloon.
In the experience tunnel, visitors notice what it means to live underground.
Many animals have a pronounced sense of smell. How good can we smell?
In contact with nature: Short messages are projected onto trees.
Who's talking? Bushes communicate with visitors.


Project development

  • Concept study
  • Cost estimation
  • Financing opportunities
  • Marketing & PR

Conception and scenography

  • Positioning and thematization
  • Content development and exhibition concept
  • Development of interactive exhibits

Design and planning

  • Basic concept Corporate Design

Project information

  • Client: Stiftung Naturlandschaften Brandenburg; BfN
  • Execution period: 08/2013 – 03/2014

Contact person

Dr. Christopher Garthe