Concept and feasibility study

International Beer Center


Experience exhibition of the Brasserie Nationale de Luxembourg

In the new experience-oriented museum to be built on the brewery grounds of the Brasserie Nationale in Bascharage in southern Luxembourg, everything revolves around beer as a cultural asset. Atmospherically designed rooms, stations for playful participation and media events are combined with an extensive collection of historical objects. Together they tell the story of the breweries, the inns and the deep roots of beer culture in Luxembourg. The museum is thus also a place for the preservation of Luxembourg’s cultural heritage.

Sociability with beer

People have always enjoyed sitting down together for a beer. In convivial company, people told each other news, talked about politics or met to play games. Over the centuries and to the present, beer has brought people together. This aspect is the central theme of the exhibition, which complements the guided tour of the brewery, which provides interesting information about the art of brewing, and expands the range of things to see. On a total of four floors, the exhibition deals with customs, stories and facts about the enjoyment of beer – in Luxembourg and internationally.

Beer dispenser, coasters and 'all nines'

Skittles has always been a popular pub sport. The more skittles the visitors clear, the more anecdotes about beer there are. Lots of fun and games at various interactive exhibits and in the artistically designed room installations make the visit entertaining and enjoyable. Beer knowledge is tapped, coasters reveal fun facts, the long pub table tells of the changes in beer culture. Original objects always bear witness to the history. From the beginnings of the art of brewing to the history of the pub, the first electric cooling facilities and beer advertising to the transport of beer around the world, the exhibition illuminates the cultural and social aspects of beer.

Cosy 'beeriness'

The design picks up on the feeling of cosiness when drinking beer and translates it into a modern colour and material concept: darkly designed rooms with natural materials are interspersed with golden-glowing accents. A fresh green and brown evoke associations with hops and wood. The heart of the exhibition is the ‘Golden Core’, an atrium that runs through all levels and is reminiscent of an oversized beer glass. Parts of the historical collection are presented on the fourth floor in a clearly structured exhibition archive.

Contact person

Jan Löken

Executive Management