Honda Research Institute

Smart Lobby


Space for research

We designed a state-of-the-art Smart Lobby for the Honda Research Institute in Offenbach (HRI-EU) that not only interactively conveys information about the institute’s structure, tasks and current research, but also constitutes a research site and object in its own right.

Detecting motion

Intelligent systems require recognition. In the Smart Lobby, the room itself becomes an interface by means of numerous sensors. In order to stage these particular room qualities, we created a digital sculpture that visually renders motion and its timeline through colours and lines on a long screen.

Staging research

The institute’s body of research is carried out within a network of competencies that dynamically blend in projects. In order to promote an intuitive yet accurate understanding of the activities pursued at the Honda Research Institute, we developed a multi-touch table that lets users interactively explore the research facility. Tokens represent the different areas of the HRI-EU and their respective competencies. If you move two of these tokens towards one another, dynamic connections are created that map the projects and assign staff members. In order to accomplish this, the software accesses a database and generates a real-time image of the research activities at the institute.

Contact person

Bernhard Kehrer

Executive Management