Hemme Milk

Regionality and quality

“Hemme Milch” is a sustainably operating dairy company anchored in the region. We supported the planned visitor experience and information centre with a farm shop, café and an interactive experience room on the subject of milk with an interactive exhibition concept.

Combining consumer information with adventure

The light-flooded visitor centre offers space for dialogue between citizens, regional producers and nature conservation representatives. The aim is to communicate the resource-conserving coexistence of economy and nature through experience.

Actively experiencing product and nature

Our exhibition concept addresses school classes, tourists as well as existing and new customers alike. The visitor experience is divided into four main areas: the cow, milk, people and the region. At numerous different exhibits the visitor can get to know everything about the cow, learn how the green grass becomes white milk, how dairy products are produced or what is special about the Hemme dairy and its surroundings.

Milkman Bolle invites you to discover.
Visitors can get to know the everyday life of a cow.
How does milk become butter, curd and cheese?
The outdoor area of the dairy is also explored in a playful way.
By taking a look at the milk can, visitors can find out which vitamins are in the milk.
And what is there to discover around the Hemme Dairy?


Project development

  • Concept and feasibility study
  • Cost estimate
  • Visit forecast
  • Moderation of development and decision-making processes
  • Support Application for funding

Conception and scenography

  • Positioning and thematization
  • Development of visit dramaturgy and Main Idea
  • Content development and exhibition concept
  • Media conception and storyboarding
  • Development of interactive exhibits

Design and planning

  • Exhibition design

Project information

  • Client: Hemme Milch GmbH & Co.KG
  • Execution period: since 2016

Contact person

Nina Sperling