Discovery field Heidengraben

Celtic culture

The Heidengraben in the heart of the Swabian Alb biosphere region is a cultural and landscape monument of European importance. It was once the largest Celtic settlement on the European continent and its relics still characterise the millennia-old cultural landscape today. For the planned visitor centre we have developed a concept that presents the unique history and at the same time creates a starting point for day trips and a place for special events. The adventure field becomes the key element of the regional value creation.

Communicating archaeology vividly

In the experience field, the visitors themselves become researchers. Just as the archaeologists have recovered numerous glass, ceramic and metal objects, the visitors now collect the findings digitally. The visitor centre provides a comprehensive picture of the Celts, their way of life, their inventions, their customs and traditions. Life in the encircled settlement on the Heidengraben is presented in virtual form in a media panorama.

Creating regional identity

The exhibition will be enriched with interactive exhibits, scenography, photos of local finds and further information on attractions in the Alb region network. With guided tours for visitors, the intensive involvement of the outside area through a Celtic adventure trail and an overall exhibition dramaturgy, a central point will be created for the population of the region and tourists. The watchtower is a sustainable and long-lasting landmark from which visitors can grasp the size of the Celtic complex.


Project development

  • Project development
  • Financial estimation
  • Visit forecast


Visit forecast

  • Concept positioning and thematic definition
  • Development of dramaturgy and main idea
  • Content development and exhibition conception
  • Development of interactive exhibits

Design and planning

  • Architecture
  • Exhibition design and planning

Project information

Client: Gemeinden Hülben Erkenbrechtsweiler, Grabenstetten

Execution period: 01/2018 – 2023

Contact person

Bernhard Kehrer

Executive Management

Astrid Dreßel

Project Management