Experience Field Heidengraben

Celtic culture

The Heidengraben in the heart of the Swabian Alb biosphere reserve is a cultural and landscape monument of European significance. It was once the largest Celtic settlement on the European continent and its relics continue to define the millennia-old cultural landscape today. We have developed a concept for the site which vividly renders its unique history and at the same time creates a starting point for day trips and a venue for special events. The Experience Field significantly contributes to the region’s added value.

Following in Celtic footsteps

On this premise, we have already created the Celtic Experience Trail, which allows visitors to immerse themselves in the world of the Celts using multimedia. Nine interactive stations are dedicated, among other things, to the culture of cultivation and the craftsmanship of the Celts or the role of the Heidengraben as a commercial hub. The respective stations provide barrier-free information access as a special feature. This includes braille and tactile models as well as audio elements for people with impaired vision. The Celtic Experience Trail also offers visitors a high degree of accessibility.

© Gerd Stegmaier, Dieter Hamann | 3dmuseum.eu

Archaeology comes alive

In addition to the physical stations, this fascinating area can be explored in a digital 360-degree panoramic scenario. The augmented reality experience is complemented by 3D renderings, audio clips and videos in the accompanying app, which is available to all visitors for free. Using their own smartphones, they become researchers themselves and digitally collect various finds, similar to real-life archaeologists.

Forging a regional sense of identity

In addition, a visitor centre is being built on the Heidengraben Experience Field, as well as a viewing tower from which to take in the sheer scope of the Celtic expanse. The Heidengraben Centre will paint a comprehensive picture of the Celts, their way of life, their technical inventions, their customs and traditions. Life in the former settlement at the Heidengraben will also be presented in a virtual format via a circular media panorama.

The exhibition will be enhanced with interactive exhibits, photos of finds recovered on-site, replicas of Celtic objects and further information on facilities in the Alb region network. We have completed the preliminary planning for the visitor centre, which we were already able to present to the public in an online citizen meeting. Guided tours for visitors, the close integration of the outdoor space through the Celtic Experience Trail and a comprehensive exhibition dramaturgy render the Heidengraben Experience Field a focal point for locals and tourists alike.


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Visit forecast

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Project information

Client: Gemeinden Hülben Erkenbrechtsweiler, Grabenstetten

Execution period: 01/2018 – 2023

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Bernhard Kehrer

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