Concept study

fromobil World of Experience


Sustainable mobility of the future

What kind of road will we travel on in the future? What means of transport will we use? And how can the notion of urban traffic be overhauled? The fromobil World of Experience addresses these very questions. In 2020, on behalf of The Urban Idea GmbH, we developed the concept study for a fromobil® World of Experience in Freiburg.

Experience and create indoor and outdoor mobility

The fromobil World of Experience comprises the areas ‘Exhibition’, ‘Trial Range’ and ‘Academy’. The ‘fro’ stands for the German words ‘Fuß’ (foot), ‘Rad’ (bike) and ‘Oeffis’ (colloquial term for public transport).

At the fromobil World of Experience, visitors can discover the sustainable urban mobility of the future for themselves. Here, the topics of climate protection, urban design, personal needs and product solutions can be experienced via a range of areas and offers. For example, different user requirements are presented both indoors and outdoors: with and without disabilities; sporty and frail; young and old. Visitors can also try out the latest products from various brands and sectors. The World of Experience will be embedded in a campus for sustainable mobility culture. The combination of a world of experience with an exhibition, a showroom, a test and training course and an academy renders this facility truly unique worldwide.

Contact person

Dr. Christopher Garthe