Dynamikum 2.0

The Dynamikum keeps on moving

In 2008, the Dynamikum, the first and only science center in Rhineland-Palatinate, opened in the listed building of the former Rheinberger shoe factory in Pirmasens. Shoes – as a symbol for locomotion – are the inspiration for the idea, because everything here really does revolve around movement. After ten years of successful operation, the Dynamikum continues to keep moving. In 2018, we gave it an all-round makeover with the interactive Dynamikum app, moving exhibits and a modern design.


With the Dynamikum app through the exhibition and outside

Smartphones can do surprisingly much more than Instagram, Snapchat and games. The Dynamikum app turns the various sensors of a smartphone into research tools. Visitors can use them to go on a discovery tour and measure acceleration, sound waves, air pressure and much more at the stations on the course. Controlled by beacon technology, a hologram of blogger and YouTuber Phil (Phil’s Physics) appears again and again. In short knowledge clips, he demonstrates various phenomena. The app can also be used outside: There are no limits to the joy of experimentation. The tools work everywhere and many experiments are also suitable for school. Your own videos and photos can be uploaded and shared.

Moving exhibits

Many refined and new exhibits on the subject of sports and biomechanics await the visitors in the new edition of the Dynamikum and that, of course, for active trying out, participating and exploring. The topic of sports in particular has been given a new focus. Films show the accelerations involved in gymnastics, skateboarding and other sports. And with the movement type, you can see yourself being quite sporty.

The Motion Base

Experience a mountain bike tour up close or even a roller coaster ride? The Motion Base is a very special highlight in the newly designed exhibition area Sports and Movement. In the combination of films and a tilting platform, visitors can experience for themselves what acceleration forces feel like. The key feature: With the Dynamikum app, they can record films with acceleration data anywhere and then play them back on the Motion Base. In this way, visitors not only see their own personal journeys, but also feel them! In live mode, visitors can also move their smartphones to directly control the Motion Base. The major Dynamikum themes ‘I move something’ and ‘I move myself’ come together here in a surprising ‘something moves me’.

In the Motion Base, visitors can experience acceleration forces up close.
In this roller coaster, a cell phone whizzes downhill, through curves and loops. As it does so, it measures the accelerations. Visitors follow the rapid ride on a live screen and determine how fast it goes using a joystick.
Which pair of sports shoes belongs to which sport? Here, athletes provide insights into their sports discipline. The Dynamikum app is also included!


Project development 

  • Sponsorship support
  • Marketing and PR


Redesign and scenography

  • Positioning and theming
  • Content development and exhibition conception
  • Media concept and storyboarding
  • Development of interactive exhibits
  • Development of an app

Design and planning

  • Exhibition design and planning in all project phases
  • Further development of corporate identity
  • Graphic design and guidance systems
  • Exhibits and furniture

Project management and realisation

  • Project management (all phases)
  • Tendering and awarding
  • Production monitoring and cost management
  • Content management and production

Project Information

Client: City Pirmasens

Opening: 2018

Exhibition area: approx. 3.000 sqm

Visitors: 90.000

Contact Person

Bernhard Kehrer

Executive Management