Children’s Biennale Japanisches Palais Dresden

Contemporary art for children

The new edition of the Children’s Biennale at the Japanisches Palais in Dresden in 2021 is all about human and nature. This is because the young generations in particular focus on topics such as climate change and marine pollution and are involved in numerous initiatives such as Fridays for Future. ‘Embracing Nature’ is therefore the motto of the new Children’s Biennial. With numerous contemporary and interactive works of art, the relationship between human and nature will be studied, questioned and explored anew. Together with the Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden (SKD), we have been involved in the realisation of the sustainable and participatory exhibition.

Art as a contribution to the sustainability discourse

Sustainability, plant organisms and the influence of humans on their environment are central themes of the exhibition, for which various artists have created impressive works. Three strands in the Children’s Biennial show how nature can find a place in the museum, how natural resources can be used sparingly and cycles can be closed. Theresa Rothe, for example, has created a floral art installation for the Children’s Biennial, and Giuseppe Licari has created a walk-in art installation made of clay that deals with soil as the basis of life and the exploitation of resources. Art thus shows the youngest among us what it means to be part of our earth. But it is not only the content of the art that embraces nature: sustainability was also taken into account in the materials used, the transport and the staging in the space.

Participatory spaces for knowledge transfer

The result is an exciting exhibition that once again takes place at the Japanischen Palais in Dresden. The tour through the historic building not only unveils unique works of art, but also invites young visitors (and adults) to become creative and to participate actively. With the exhibition concept, participatory spaces were created in which, in addition to looking at the artworks, knowledge about human and nature and about the artists’ messages can be deepened. Using simple means and materials, we developed a flexible and modular design for the participatory spaces that allows different ways of using.


The Children’s Biennial ‘Embracing Nature’ is open until 27.02.2022.



  • Exhibition concept
  • Consulting
  • Media Concept
  • Development of interactive exhibits


Design and planning

  • Exhibition design
  • Planning in all project phases
  • Exhibits and furniture

Project management and realisation

  • Project management (all phases)
  • Tendering and awarding
  • Production supervision and cost management

Project information

  • Client: Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (SKD)
  • Opening: September 2021
  • Exhibition area: 1.070 qm
  • Visitors: 110.000 (Biennale 2018/19)

Contact person

Claudia Baulesch

Project Management and Head of Scenography