Berliner Wasserwelten

From water - to water

Water is our most important food. It determines the cycle of life. After a competition, we were awarded the contract by the Berliner Wasserwerke for the development of a world of experience on the subject of water.

At the historic site

The Berliner Wasserwelten are to be built in a listed wastewater pumping station in Berlin-Friedrichshain. In a concept study, we investigated how the past and present of water supply and drainage as well as the responsible use of water can be presented as valuable resources in the historical rooms.

Learning to use water

We have developed the Berliner Wasserwelten as an innovative extracurricular learning location. In a water experiment landscape, visitors can explore their own relationship to water. How much water do I consume? Where does the water come from? And how can the water supply also be guaranteed in the future? Visitors become researchers themselves and learn in a playful way how water determines their everyday lives.


Conception and scenography

  • Concept positioning and thematic definition
  • Development of dramaturgy and main idea

Design and planning

  • Approaches to exhibition design
  • Idea sketch for architecture

Project management and implementation

  • Project Management
  • Grants Management
  • Visit forecast and capacity planning
  • Economic consulting
  • Management consultancy

Project information

  • Client: Berliner Wasserbetriebe
  • Execution period: seit Oktober 2014


Contact person

Nina Sperling