All Electric Society Park

The sustainable world within reach

A world that exclusively runs on renewable energy available to all – this is the vision of the All Electric Society. Phoenix Contact’s All Electric Society Park now demonstrates on a small scale how this vision can become reality using the technologies already available today. Together with the global market leader for electrification and automation, we have created an interactive park experience dedicated to green energy at the company headquarters in Blomberg.

How can we become an All Electric Society?

The All Electric Society Park is all about renewable energies – from production and storage to distribution and optimized usage. At around ten stations spread across the park, we discover how the energy transition can succeed. Large solar trackers, many solar panels and even solar paving stones as well as a wind tree harvest electrical energy in the park. This is then either used directly or stored in a large battery container and a Power-to-X container in the form of green hydrogen. We can find out more about the respective energies and their usage in the pavilion, the glass theme cubes and a walk-in wind gondola.

The pavilion is the welcome centre and introduces visitors to the All Electric Society's vision of the future. Built from recyclable materials, it is an example of energy efficiency and sustainability in its own right.
Power glass, which consists of many small LEDs, has been installed everywhere on the cubes. This enables the running of various animations.
Large solar panels as well as numerous solar cells on buildings and walkways capture the sun's energy.
A wind tree, on the other hand, generates wind energy with its aeroleaves.
Visitors can also charge their own e-cars and e-bikes at the e-mobility cube.
Numerous QR codes can be used to retrieve further content and information about the park via your own smartphone.

Explore the facets of green energy interactively

Have you ever let your gaze wander from the gondola of a wind turbine at lofty heights? Or used the battery of an electric car for your kettle? Interactive exhibits invite you to learn about the energy transition in a playful approach. This also involves the efficient use of renewable energies, which automated processes and various measurements with sensors contribute to.

Track the energy in the park in real-time and discover the modern technologies behind it

The various sensors and measuring instruments in the park register and monitor numerous data and energy flows such as electrical energy or thermal energy. Thanks to the digital model of the park, which can be seen on screens in the cubes and in the pavilion, we are able to follow all this data from the All Electric Society Park live and explore it interactively. Everything is carefully devised and cleverly interlinked: From economical irrigation in the park and the immediate use of direct current in factories to the local heating network that supplies the buildings with thermal energy using an ice storage system, an energy fence, industrial waste heat and solar-powered heat pumps. Of course, there are also charging stations for e-cars and e-bikes. The Phoenix Contact experts explain the new technologies they work on every day in easy-to-understand videos on the screens. The expert button then takes us deeper into the details.

For children and adults alike, a visit to the All Electric Society Park will leave no doubt: we don’t need to wait for the future. Green solutions are already working today!

What is more, a visit to the barrier-free park is even free of charge.
No dull moments here – because the park will continue to evolve in order to convey technological topics in a vivid and exciting way.

Photographs: Phoenix Contact, studio klv

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Jan Löken

Executive Management